General Conditions of Sale for Steel Products

AO Severstal Distribution offers retail and wholesale sales of rolled steel and rebars.

Rolled steel manufactured by PAO Severstal and featured in our catalogue meets the requirements of Russian GOST and TU, and international EN standards.

If you are interested in delivery services of AO Severstal Distribution, we invite you to review our basic terms in the attachment.

How to buy steel products from AO Severstal Distribution

Retail terms of sale

AO Severstal Distribution offers steel and steel products to retail customers, including contractors and businesses working on construction or renovation projects, and the manufacturers of consumer goods, furniture or other products.

Our customers are welcome to review our detailed price list for steel products or get in touch with the nearest branch, which will be happy to assist you with all your needs. We also offer steel cutting and delivery services, and can either arrange freight taxi or provide contact details for transportation service providers.

Wholesale terms of sale

AO Severstal Distribution offers rolled steel to wholesale customers from manufacturing, construction and other industries. Minimum shipment size is 1 tonne; maximum is unlimited. Wholesale lots may be split into a series of scheduled shipments. We accept cash, bank transfers and credit cards. Please consult the price list available on the website of your nearest branch office. We will be happy to arrange the delivery of your purchases.

Credit sales

AO Severstal Distribution offers credit sales of steel and steel products. Monthly percentage rate on credit sales of steel products is 2.16%*

With questions about the product range of AO Severstal Distribution, the stock of our Moscow and regional warehouses, or any other inquiries, please contact our managers using phone numbers provided on this page.

If there is no branch office of AO Severstal Distribution in your city, please contact your nearest branch, and we will be happy to arrange the delivery from nearby warehouses or directly from Cherepovets Steel Mill.


* Rates and terms are subject to change depending on current credit policies and regulations of AO Severstal Distribution.