Steel Velvet

Steel Velvet- is a unique high quality roofing material with a textured coating.



 - A reliable roofing material of high quality;

 - Popular European colors and aesthetic appearance;

 - Compliance with the standards and norms of Europe and the Russian Federation;

 - Optimum price and quality ratio.


Steel Velvet

Thickness of rolled steel sheets, mm, not less than


Class of zinc coating

180; 200; 225; 2785

Wrinkled polyester coating, µm



Technical specifications

Name Territories Steel mark Standart Thickness, mm Width, mm (min-max) Weight Zn, g / m² Coating thickness, μm
Steel Velvet Classic With moderate humidity and moderate solar activity DX51D EN 10346 0,50 900-1550 180(275) 25-30