ArmaNorma (A600C)

ArmaNorma is a new type of construction rebars manufactured from all-purpose steel which can replace all other types of rebars (А400, А500С, Аt800).

Thanks to its versatility, ArmaNorma helps to save metal and use a single set of raw materials.


Product descriptions:

ArmaNorma by Severstal is a new type of А600С rebars. It is a versatile type of rebars meeting modern requirements.

Key features:

  • Strength class: А600С according to TU 14-1-5596-2010. ArmaNorma is made from high-quality innovative alloy steel with special alloyants.
  • Grades: 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 25, 28, 32, 36, 40 mm
  • Made from continuously cast blanks. Excellent mechanical properties and precise internal structure are warranted by optimized chemical composition of steel, continuous casting processes and special mechanical treatment
  • This technology is protected by Russian patent №2381283 issued on December 15, 2008

Key benefits

  1. ArmaNorma can be used instead of any other type of rebars
  2. ArmaNorma ensures high structural strength with lower costs
  3. ArmaNorma ensures long useful life of buildings service with its rupture strength σB of 740 N/mm²
  4. Provides additional fire safety thanks to high softening point of +700 °С
  5. Ensures structural safety due to high strength of welded joints, σw=700  N/mm²
  6. Recommended for use in different regions and climates
  7. High strength and high ductility with yield point σТ=600 N/mm²
  8. ArmaNorma is easy to identify among other rebar types
  9. Guaranteed high quality due to stable chemical composition

Manufacturing process

A600C rebars are manufactured in the long-product plant of Severstal Cherepovets Steel Mill by first heating continuously cast 106x106 mm blanks in a continuous furnace of the long-product mill, then rolling them into custom-sized shapes, then heat-treating and further rolling them, then cooling final shapes in coolers, and then cutting them to specified length and packaging.



Severstal and the Russian Union of Metal and Steel Suppliers hosted the Severstal for Construction Industry business conference in Moscow on October 11, 2012. The conference took place in Bunker-42 Cold War Museum 65 meters underground right in the center of Moscow.

This conference featured presentation of ArmaNorma (a unique product of Severstal), Balakovo Long Product Mill and TPZ Sheksna.

The conference included a round table with representatives of Severstal Russian Steel’s Marketing and Sales Directorate, Center for Technical Development and Quality, as well as Severstal’s customers and business partners. Round table participants discussed rebar development trends and the properties of the new ArmaNorma (А600С) rebar class. The conference also featured a presentation of Severstal’s future development projects including Balakovo Long Product Mill and TPZ Sheksna.