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16 August 2019

Severstal develops supplies of roofing brands to Europe

Over seven months of 2019, Severstal has supplied to European customers more than three thousand tons of color-coated rolled steel under the Steel Silk and Steel Velvet brands.
The steel products have been supplied through the distribution network of the Severstal Russian Steel division.
The branded color-coated rolled steel products are targeted at the construction segment and fully comply with the technical regulations applied in the EU in the area of designing and construction of buildings and structures.
Severstal has recently offered these products in new colors – gray graphite, anthracite gray and intense black. Orders for the products in achromatic colors have amounted to 60% of the supplies to the EU market.
“We did solid preparation to start supplies of the branded color-coated steel products to the EU market: it was required not only to ensure compliance of the products with the stringent technical standards, but also to find a niche in the established market. We created a competitive advantage together with our partner – the polish company Blachodach, one of the leaders in the roofing materials market. Higher strength and increased service life have become the technological advantage of our final product, while the price has remained within the same range due to the use of Steel Silk and Steel Velvet sheets 0.51 mm thick instead of color-coated steel sheets 0.45 mm thick”, – said Timur Yudichev, head of the Severstal Russian Steel division distribution network.
Severstal has been cooperating with Blachodach since last year.
“Severstal offered us high-quality color-coated rolled steel with a warranty of 25 years. The quality and reliability of Steel Silk and Steel Velvet have made it possible to fully switch to Severstal products instead of purchasing from the European suppliers. Ten manufacturing companies which have tried out these steel products confirm that the quality of the color coating, plastic properties of the material and the packaging quality match with those of the best similar products, and, with all the properties taken in combination, these products outperform similar products from other suppliers”, – said Bartosh Bohnjak, the owner of Blachodach. ​