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25 July 2019

Severstal Distribution supplied steel for the highest European flagpole

Severstal Distribution (part of Severstal Russian Steel division) supplied rolled steel sheets for the 100m high flag pole which was installed in Hamina by 100th anniversary of Finland independence.

The high-pole flagpole was engineered and designed by company AMIRA, a partner of Severstal Distribution. It consists of several telescopic sections different in diameter. Each section was manufactured out of steel sheets 09G2S, 6-12mm thick by means of bending to make one or two longitudinal joints.

Andrei Saramud, CEO of AO AMIRA commented that “the group of companies AMIRA won the bid for the flagpole supply due to reasonable ratio between price and quality and the suggested method of assembly – the structure was supposed to be not heavy but stable. By this moment our company already had an experience for installation of 90m high lightning arrester in Tobolsk using same type of connection. Finnish representatives came to our plant Megapolis to monitor the manufacturing process of sections and were surprised at the level of state-of-art production”. He marked that "after the construction of the 100-meter flagpole in Europe, we have found customers in Russia. Just a couple of weeks ago, we installed a 40-meter flagpole, also made of Severstal metal, in Aksai district, which became the highest in the Rostov region."

Timur Iudichev, head of distribution network of Severstal Russian Steel division added that, “Severstal Distribution has been cooperating with the group of companies AMIRA for several years already always offering our partners the most convenient tailor-made options for cooperation. In particular, speaking about steel sheets supply for the flagpole in Hamina we also rendered services of transshipment, storage and batching for the motor vehicles”.


It is worth noting that the flagpole highest in Finland and in Europe was manufactured using the raised funds – more than 300 countries made a present to Finland for its 100th anniversary of independence. The flag is remarkable in itself – its huge dimensions 16x27m equals approximately a basketball court size. Its top has anemometer measuring the wind speed. The flag is programmed to be hauled down automatically by pushing the button in case of strong wind blow.