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21 March 2019

“Severstal Distribution” offers a multiple-purpose rebar for Northern Europe

SIA Severstal Distribution (part of the "Severstal Russian Steel" distribution network) offers rebar products, simultaneously certified to the standards of four European countries: Finland, Germany, Sweden and Lithuania.

“The European market is a large economic space with open internal borders, and often customers buy rebar from different countries. It is important for rebar consumers to have products in stock, that can be used to fulfill orders from the Baltics, Finland, Sweden and Germany. For their convenience, PAO Severstal, passed accreditation according to several national standards, and since last year, started to issue quality certificates to ensure, that the products meet the most demanded standards on the market,” - said Timur Yudichev, head of "Severstal Russian Steel" distribution network.

Rebar products with diameters of 10, 12, 16, 20, 25 and 32 mm from steel grades K500V-T and V500V produced by the Cherepovets Steel Mill of PAO Severstal was certified for compliance with European standards SFS 1300, DIN 488-1, SS 212540, LST EN10080. This gives PAO Severstal the right to issue a quality certificate for rebar products, which include the standards of four European countries. This quality certificate allows to use these metal products in the supporting structures and buildings in Finland, Germany, Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia and other European countries that do not have a separate national standard and accept one of the above standards.