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17 February 2019

In 2018 Severstal Distribution increased the sales volume up to 2.3 million t

Severstal Distribution group of companies (distribution network of Severstal Russian Steel division) increased the volume of steel products sales by 31% in 2018 compared to 2017 – up to 2.3 million t. In the past year, 23% of rolled steel products and construction pipes manufactured by Severstal Russian Steel were sold via distribution network.

AO Severstal Distribution increased the volume of rolled steel products supplies to the Russian market by 10% versus 2017. Last year, the volume of sales to the domestic market almost reached one million t.

«Within the framework of implementation of the Excellent Client Experience strategy, we identified two sales models targeted at customers having different service needs, and increased sales volumes to both groups of customers. For customers requiring individual servicing, we develop processing services, optimal routes and logistic structure, and provide them technical support. For customers requiring standard products, we have set up a «simple purchase» service: today, steel from any our warehouse can be purchased via e-commerce site», the Head of Severstal Russian Steel Division distribution network Timur Yudichev commented.

Severstal Distribution SIA company sales volume to the Northern and Central & Eastern Europe went up one-and-a-half times in 2018 compared to the previous year to exceed one million t.  In Europe, the enterprise mostly works with large consumers for which individual delivery conditions are applied including package solutions. Last year, in order to develop servicing component of sales for European customers, rolled steel products storing capacities in warehouses located in European countries were significantly extended. For consumers from Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia, new solutions in the field of transports logistics were developed, and production of steel pipes suitable for water and gas was mastered in Riga.

In 2019, the vector of Severstal Distribution group of companies’ development did not change: «Long-term partnership shall be built on an open and mutually beneficial cooperation; therefore, our main task is to assure excellent experience of cooperation with us for the customers, i.e. efficient and reliable supplies of steel products. Thanks to the implementation of large-scale investment projects in main production facilities of PAO Severstal, in 2019, we will offer to the customers hot-rolled products having the thickness of 4-16 mm and of improved flatness categories, and we will be developing sales of galvanized rolled steel products with trivalent Cr and of rolled steel products with chromate-free coating designed for white goods manufacturing. In Russia, we will extend our rolled steel products processing capabilities, in particular, slitting of the rolled steel products.  Another priority is the development of Internet shop (e-commerce site) to make online purchases in it as comfortable as possible for our customers», Timur Yudichev said.