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7 February 2019

Severstal Distribution supplies boiler grade steel to Viessmann Lipetsk

In 2018 AO Severstal Distribution (member of the distribution network of Severstal Russian Steel division) delivered over 500 tons of hot rolled boiler grade steel to Viessmann Lipetsk. Such steel is intended for manufacture of low pressure gas-fired water boilers to be used for public utility services and industrial application.

Product supply to Viessmann Lipetsk is a classic example of end-to-end solution: we supply product from the main manufacturer PAO Severstal with its surface processed by one of the company service centers. According to Timur Yudichev - head of distribution network of Severstal Russian Steel division, “it is very convenient for the client as he receives the semi-finished product ready to be used in further industrial processing”.

As requested by the client, part of the hot rolled steel products are shot-blasted in the steel service center in Kolpino (SSC is located at the territory of production facilities of PAO Severstal in Kolpino). Such treatment allows for the steel surface cleaning off scale simplifying further processing.

The manufacturing company Viessmann Lipetsk is a member of Viessmann Group, one of the global leading manufacturers of heating and cooling systems and industrial plants. Together with manufacturing of equipment in complete sets Viessmann Group can offer individual solutions and efficient systems for any application and any energy source.. Viessmann Group, выпуская полный комплект оборудования, предлагает индивидуальные решения и эффективные системы для любых областей применения и всех энергоносителей.