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1 September 2020

Severstal supplies steel for the construction of Arctic LNG2

AO Severstal Distribution (part of the distribution network of the Severstal Russian Steel division) is suppling A600C rebar of the ArmaNorma brand for the construction of the Arctic LNG 2 a liquefied natural gas plant. The total volume of delivery will be about 30,000 tons.

We were glad that our partners were interested in Severstal’s new generation reinforcing steel: the A600C class rebar - ArmaNorma. Its mechanical properties comply with modern technological requirements. It is made from the all-purpose steel grade 20G2SFBA and can be used instead of any other class of rebar. Moreover, ArmaNorma can be used in structures operated at temperatures up to -100 ° C and in areas with unstable water-saturated soil,” said Timur Yudichev, Head of the distribution network of the Severstal Russian Steel division.

ArmaNorma A600C is an alloyed reinforcing bar with a unique combination of strength and ductility. Its versatility allows to reduce the consumption of metal and to unify the materials used, thus guaranteeing the reliability of the structure at a lower cost. ArmaNorma ensures the safety of structures, is not prone to embrittlement after welding. A stable chemical composition guarantees high-quality products, and the properties of reinforcing bars allow us to recommend it for use in various geographical and climatic conditions, including in seismically active areas. ArmaNorma is applicable for high-rise construction,        infrastructure        (bridges, subways, tunnels, overpasses), various types of reinforced concrete structures for critical purposes (including nuclear power plants), as well as concrete structures for tanks for storing liquefied gases (LNG), for construction in coastal areas and  arctic zones.