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Information about the website and the controller of the website

[1] Website –

[2] Controller – “Controller” SIA “Severstal Distribution”, registration No. 40003001968, address: Starta iela 13, Riga, Latvia, e-mail:

What is a cookie

[3] Cookies are small files, which are downloaded to the user’s device when using the website and when certain content from the website is downloaded. Cookies summarise information about the use of the website by summarising standard information contained in logs (connection IP address, connection time, duration of connection), as well as information about the actions performed on the website.

Why do we need cookies and how they function

[4] One group of cookies are functionally and technically necessary cookies, without which it would be impossible to use the website in a proper way, because websites are made in such a way that they do not support session statuses, therefore, websites do not have their own memory and when a user views different sections of a website, the website does not recognise that this is one and the same user. Cookies allow the website to recognise the user. Therefore, the main function of cookies is to allow the server of the website to get information about the session of the user, the language used, the currency and so on, as well as to ensure proper operation of the website. This group of cookies also includes the cookies, which store your choice regarding your consent to use or refusal to use analytical cookies, so that your choice is made without regular questions regarding your consent to the use of cookies.

[5] The second group of cookies are analytical cookies, which are necessary to help analyse the website, for example, understand actions of users on the website, thus providing us with the opportunity to improve the website and to provide a better website to users using services analysing actions of uses provided by Google Analytics, which is used for the purposes of legitimate interests of the controller, to enable the controller to provide, develop and perform economic activity in the current conditions of the information society. At the same time, you may refuse from the use of analytical cookies, which means that only functional cookies will be installed, without which the operation of the website will be impossible.

[6] For specific cookies and periods of their existence see here.


Additional information about analytical cookies

[7] The following analytical services are used for the purposes of analytical cookies:

— Google inc. provided in accordance with the Google Inc. Terms of Service [link to] and Google Analytics Terms of Service [link to],

—YANDEX, LLC, provided in accordance with User Agreement for YANDEX, LLC Services [link to], YANDEX LLC Privacy Policy [link to] and Terms of Use of Yandex.Metriсa service [link to],

for the purposes of evaluating the activity of visitors and preparing a summary report in the interests of the controller. The possibility to identify you is minimal, however, the actions above do not ensure complete anonymity of your data.

Possibility to refuse from analytical cookies

[8] You may change or revoke your consent to the use of cookies on our website at any time. To do this, you should use the special link located at the bottom (in the footer) of our website.

[9] You may change your browser settings to refuse from new cookies, delete active cookies or get information that new cookies are sent to your device each time. Additional information may be received here: Remember that a constant ban on the use of cookies may complicate visiting of certain websites.

[10] You may refuse from the use of Google Analytics analytical cookies also by downloading and installing an additional tool Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on [link -]. This additional device will contact Google Analytics JavaScript (ga.js) to inform that it is prohibited to send information that a certain website was attended to Google Analytics. Remember that only you are responsible for the use this tool, and it is used in accordance of the licence terms of the owner of that tool.

Amendments to the policy

[11] Ouк cookie policy may change, when needed. The latest version of the privacy policy is published on the website.


Last updated on April 30th, 2019.

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