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15 July 2014

Foreign students internship in Severstallat

This year JSC Severstallat is a place of internship for students obtaining higher education in Humanitas University in Poland. Jana Kozelska and Andrii Hrebeniuk arrived to Riga within the European student exchange program - Erasmus, which opens doors to opportunities for students to study and work abroad.   

They are the first-year students of Humanitas University, Faculty of Personnel Management, and plan to develop their career in an international company. From July 3 to September 30, Jana Kozelska will be an intern of the Sales Department of JSC Severstallat, while Andrii Hrebeniuk will work for a number of departments of the company – Sales Department, Account Department, and Personnel Department. 

“For a number of years already, we welcome intern students as this is provides mutual benefit: future specialists obtain such an important practical experience, while our company creates a reserve of cadres. For instance, last year there were 23 intern students, and eight of them have been recruited for a regular work,” says Andrey Alexeyev, the chairman of JSC Severstallat. “Our company works in ten markets throughout the European Union, and communication in several languages at once for many employees are daily practice, therefore I think foreign students will easily integrate in our team and obtain skills in the international company,” he adds. 

The intern students directly participate in everyday life of the company, perform everyday tasks. As students point out, internship in JSC Severstallat gives an opportunity to combine training of practical skills under guidance of experienced specialists and travelling. Andri's objective is to get experience in team work, integrate in the European environment, and improve his language skills. Jana wants to obtain practical work experience in an international company, communicate with professionals of this field, as well as familiarise herself with a new for her country. 

The first weeks of the internship are interesting, amount of new information does not scare students, and they are glad to undertake new tasks, and they are looking forward for a trip to the manufacturing unit. Jana and Andrii use their free time to see objects of interest in Riga, to relax in Jurmala, and familiarising themselves with the new for them country.