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13 March 2015

Severstal Distribution in Latvia Expands Production of Water-supply and Gas-supply Steel Pipes

OOO Severstal Distribution (formerly known as AS Severstallat) ensured compliance of water-supply and gas-supply steel pipes of its own production with the EN 10255 standard, which resulted in the receipt of a certificate from TUV Nord Cert. 

In 2014, OOO Severstal Distribution (Latvia) started producing water-supply and gas-supply steel pipes according to EN 10255. This pipe is used for liquid transmission in agricultural irrigation, industrial firefighting and other water supply systems. 

Andrey Alexeyev, Chairman of the Board of OOO Severstal Distribution and Head of the Distribution Network of Severstal Russian Steel, commented: “From 2011, when we started to produce this type of pipes in Poland, we annually expand the assortment. Due to growing demand for this product, we started its manufacturing launch in Riga last year. Clients are offered an assortment of water-supply and gas-supply pipes, despite the plant they were manufactured at.” 

Severstal Distribution in Latvia manufactures water-supply and gas-supply pipes of small diameter, such as 17.2 mm, 21.3 mm and 33.7 mm according to the EN 10255 standard, while the Polish steel pipe making plant makes pipes at 33.7 to 88.9 mm in compliance with the same standard. 

Additionally, Severstal Distribution in Poland makes pressure pipes at 32 to 88.9 mm in compliance with the EN 10217-1 standard for high pressure systems, where the liquids are not affected by high temperatures. The company also produces zinc-coated water-supply and gas-supply steel pipes for various systems, including fresh water plumbing systems. 2014 brought a new product to the company – rifled and threaded pipes.