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17 December 2014

Companies of Severstal’s Distribution Network to be Renamed

Companies of the Distribution Network were established in various countries at different times, but they all have the same goal – to promote steel products manufactured at PAO Severstal in the markets where the company operates. From now and then all the companies in the network are called “Severstal Distribution”.

Andrey Alekseev, Head of the Distribution Network of the Russian Steel division, commented: “Over the past two years we have analyzed business processes of the distribution network companies and found the best practices to make a set of standards for all five companies. Changes and constant market research provided the basis for our complex offer to customers in steel products and related services at customer’s request. Dealing with Severstal Distribution, whether in Cherepovets, Moscow, Riga, Helsinki or any other region of our presence, the customer may count on getting the best offer. Along with the steel products, the customer will get all related services in recycling, preparing customs paperwork, scheduled shipping, special packaging, etc.”

As a result of renaming, ZAO TD Severstal-Invest, established 20 years ago, currently having around 30 area divisions in Russia and rendering services to more than 3,500 customers a year, is now called AO Severstal Distribution.

AO Severstallat, established in Latvia in 1992 and shipping steel products to more than a hundred customers from a dozen of the EU countries, is now called SIA Severstal Distribution. Severstallat-Silesia Sp.z o.o., a subsidiary company of Severstallat in Poland, also gets a name Severstal Distribution Sp.z o.o. 

ZAO Severstalbel and OOO Severstal-Ukraine are now called ZAO Severstal Distribution and OOO Severstal Distribution respectively.

New names are expected to be registered in government authorities by January 2015. After that, all counterparts will be notified of the changes.

Changes in the names and business legal structures of the Distribution Network companies of the Russian Steel division will not affect obligations of such companies owed to employees, customers and partners. The agreements will not have to be renewed. Renaming of the companies is not connected with changes in the number of members and not related to equity capital of the companies.

Development of the Distribution Network is an integral part of the division’s marketing policy and allows Severstal customers to use unique service possibilities provided by the company. With regard to the above mentioned, Sales and Marketing department (Russian Steel division) and Severstal-Export continue developing direct selling business in Russia, CIS and Baltic countries, and all over the world.